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“My idea of ‘Tradition’ is, carrying out the pioneer’s legacy and carrying on innovation.”

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Works of Saichi Matsumoto
Arts and Crafts   Household goods  Decorative Ornaments   Architectural works
In his 30’s Matsumoto’s grave concern about the low-grade Kutani quality at the time made him start the experimental studio, and it’s objective was “express clay freely”.
There he changed the customary Kutani style of divided labours of clay preparation, forming and glazing into the one integrated process.
The variety of his work is extraordinary, which starts from “arts and crafts” that is mainly of art competition work, “household goods”, “decorative ornaments” to “architectural works” which are ceramic walls and others. This is beyond an usual potter’s field. He was always truthful to his mind that led him to develop his unique diversity over time. Today he still continues his energetic work at Yoshino Village.
Part – 1 Arts and Crafts
aichi Matsumoto’s creative mind rests on “succession and innovation”.
His artistic switch is surprisingly powerful.
The potential of “Kutani Arts” in Saichi Matsumoto ...
From “Tosai Kutani, Lineage of Innovation” authored by Yoshio Tanaka
The art commentary is by Sumiko Higashi’s artwork explanatory in the above book
“Iroeyoomon kazarizara” “Ginsai Koko”
“Sosei” “Ginsai ‘Kikyu’”
“Ginsai Henko”
Part – 2 Household goods
“My idea of ‘tradition’ is, to carry out the pioneer’s legacy and carry on innovation.”
This is always in centre of Matsumoto’s mind.
As you may notice, there is no typical traditional ware in his work to be seen.
Instead, you can feel in his ware and vases his warmth, cheerfulness and innovative mind.
As the result his household goods possess “New Japanese style”, yet Japanese taste but also very modern.
“Kinran Teshuki” The gift marked
the friendship between Japan and China
“Persian style Osai electric lamp”
“Ginsai Iroe tsubo” “Akikusamon Coffee cup and saucer”
“Light stand”
Part – 3 Decorative Ornaments
It is very rare to find a craft man like Matsumoto, whose creative field has such diversity.
Traditional crafts, decorative ornaments, household goods, sculptures and large ceramic walls that he collaborates with architects. He is terribly passionate about architectural works as well.
You can see his many decorative ornaments at Japan Contemporary Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Asahi Crafts Exhibition, Chuunichi International Crafts Exhibition from around 1974.
“Saito ‘Toruso’” “Sleeping Beauty”
“Seenaru Zo” “Ginsai ‘Gendai’”
“Ginsai Yakata Shuki”
Part – 4 Architectural works
Architectural work, such as monuments and various ceramic walls that he collaborates with architects and clients, is one of Matsumoto’s distinctive features.
A very unusual one is the torch stand of Ishikawa National Athletic Meet he made.
It was first claimed to be impossible to make over 3 meters, withstanding at 1000 degree Celsius and, of course, of ceramic. However, Matsumoto has overcome this many challenges.
He is very enthusiastic about large environmental art works.
“Sosei no mon” “Hyakka Ryoran” JR Kanazawa Station
“Hyakka Ryoran” JR Kanazawa Station “Kaisui” Hotel Zuiho

“Ishikawa National Athletic Meet Torch Stand”
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