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“My idea of ‘Tradition’ is, carrying out the pioneer’s legacy and carrying on innovation.”

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What are the opening hours of Yoshino Art and Craft Village and the closing day?
It is open between 10am to 17pm every day and it is closed on Tuesdays.
Can I visit Matsumoto Studio and purchase some of your work?
As it’s my work space, we would prefer visitors to call us before the day and we can try our best to accommodate you.
How do you seek ideas for your work?
Always stay curious and connect with ideas.
How do you suggest I should practise skills and techniques?
Skills and techniques are means to accomplish what you want to make.
Therefore, they often change according to what you want to make, so you have to improve all the time.
How do you refine your sense of creativity?
I believe that to happen if you devote yourself into work with honest and freely independent mind.
Why did you make Nobori-gama, the climbing kiln?
It is a great learning experience that many people have to work together patiently and persistently towards one goal. We also understand the true nature of firing. Where you place your work in the kiln, which direction or on top or bottom, all affects subtly how clay appears after the firing.
You seem to make many architectural ceramic walls?
My architectural work is most progressing at the moment. I think in the field of the architectural work I can challenge myself to many new things, and I am prepared to answer many questions of mine.
What kind of materials do you use?
The materials that I use change as to what I make, architectural work, interior decor, household goods, tableware, etc. Also I have to take their size and weight in consideration to choose material.
I think Kutani-yaki’s core part is Uwae, a painted design on glaze, do you form a shape that is easy to paint on?
My core part of work is how it forms. Therefore, I first put emphasis on shapes and then I use Uwae to enhance it.
How do you organise your resource materials and books.
I have more than 50,000 books. I sort them out by the categories, such as arts, crafts, interior, fashion, living-relation, so on. There are many resource materials for ceramics and glass as well. However, the collection is not ready for public viewing yet.
Can I have a Kutani ware making experience when staying a night at Yoshino Art and Craft Village?
Of course you can. There are reasonable accommodations and hot-springs, as well as the one Yoshino Village runs. Please contact in advance for pottery making experience.
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